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Valentines Gifts From Cheerz

Well Valentine's Day is just over a few weeks away, the shops have stocked their shelves full of flashes of red, hearts and gifts of love. Couples everywhere are preparing for a romantic evening ahead and single guys and gals can't avoid the mass celebration of love even if they wanted to.

I need to be honest I'm not the most romantic of people in fact I sometimes feel that over the top romantic gestures are completely lost on me. Maybe its just down to total  embarrassment and not knowing how to react but I've always preferred the little things, the thoughtful and sentimental. And when Cheerz contacted me about their Valentines range I was actually really excited as I love their products! They were kind enough to send me their *Love Strips and *Love Cheerz Box and they are defiantly my kind of gift. You can capture your memories, adventures and sentiments within the photos: 

Where you meet - Your first date - Your first holiday - Your first home together

Tell your story your way.

The Love Strips are so cute! You get 5 old skool photo box style strips incased within a lovely envelope. The Love Cheerz Box comes complete with 30 photos housed in a quality gift box. Both gifts come with the added extras of a postcard and a fridge magnet. All you need to do is choose which photos to use, edit them, position them and even add text.

I love the finished product you can display them in many ways or just store them in the envelope as a keepsake.

Let's admit it Valentine's Day isn't for everyone and the single ladies, single guys and the anti Valentines couples should be all be celebrated too. On 13th February it's Palentine's Day (yes it's actually a thing). A day to hang out with your friends, eat pizza, watch movies and celebrate your friendship, support your girl gang and strengthen your bromance. In celebration of this I had chosen to fill my Love Cheerz Box with colourful photos of my girls. The friends that have been there for many years, through love and break ups, the good times and the bad. It has been a privilege and pleasure growing up with these ladies, watching them turn into beautiful woman full of confidence and strength. To you ladies I thank you, don't change just keep being you and lets enjoy many more years of fun and shananigans!

Sending lots of love, hugs and happy vibes.

Get £4 off your own box order with Cheerz use code VICKGD. Last day for Valentines orders 4th February.

Winter Chills And Wooly Hats

Back in December last year was the warmest weather on record for December which was much to my disappointment. I am completely obsessed with hats, scarfs and gloves. I love that feeling of being wrapped up cosy and warm while there is a chill in the air. And with all that warmer weather I didn't get a chance to rock my woollens. Out of my wooly hat collection (and I have many) this has to be one of my favourites. I actually got it from Topman last year while I was on the hunt for Christmas presents. It's so comfortable, stretchy and great to keep your ears warm which is essential especially during these cold snaps.

Wooly Hat -Topman
These last few weeks however have been freezing, snow, frost, ice the lot! My hats and scarfs have certainly gotten their moment to shine. 

I hope you are all wrapped up toasty and warm!


Where It All Began..

During my time in recovery from chronic illnesses (read about that here) I changed the way I worked from detailed to simple and bold. It was the only thing that my cloudy head and fatigued body could deal with at the time. I wanted to create something to make me smile and forget about illness. Mr Fox was born and so was a new style and way of working. He was my original design many moons ago, he's where it all began and he is still one of my most popular designs today. I'm really grateful for the journey this has lead me on and I'm really proud how much my little business has grown.
I'm looking forward to expanding my range this year, showing you my new designs and the new cheeky characters that will be joining the DMJ family. I hope that they make you smile as much as they do me.

Good things can come out of bad circumstances.

Stay strong and believe in YOU!


Christmas Round Up And Plans For 2016

Hello There!

Well its the middle of January and already the year seems to be flying! I think it's due to the many plans and adventures I hope to undertake in 2016 and I don't feel I have enough time to fit everything in! I know I'm a bit late with this one but I thought I'd fill you guys in with what I've been up to over the holidays and a brief bit about my plans for the year ahead.

The last few months of 2015 were crazy hectic for me. It's my busiest time of year for Dizzy Miss James with events and Christmas orders I was completely swept off my feet. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change it for the world although from October through to December its completely tiring and I couldn't wait for a break at Christmas.

The holiday season was truly wonderful spending it surrounded by the people I love the most. Lots of love, laughter and many hugs. My Mam & Dad put on a fantastic spread on Christmas Day, 10 people around a table sharing food, drinks and telling stories. The James household is one full of traditions and quirks. When we all lived at home you had to go down stairs in the order of age to see if 'Santa had been' ( I wasn't a fan of this as I'm the youngest). We all spend a few hours in the pub apart from  my Mam and Sister (who cook) and my Niece and Nephews (who play) before the main event of a slap up meal. We are always late back from the pub (it's a tradition to be late) and Mam is grumpy due to our lateness. The paper hat from the cracker must be worn at the table at all times then we eat until we are full to the brim and can't fit in no more. This year me and the James Crew got to create a lovely centre piece for the table and some cute decorative accessories for the home. The lovely people from Oasis - Home & Hobby sent me a *Goody Bag (below) filled with some of their favourite Christmas products. The finished piece looked fabulous on the day, unfortunately I didn't get a photo due to being completely engrossed in James Christmas Craziness. If you get a chance do check out their website for more great products and they are not just for Christmas.
Oasis Home And Hobby
On New Years Eve I went out with family for some fabulous Indian cuisine at Haveli. I'm not so into the New Year celebrations as I used to be when I was younger but I guess it can all feel a bit over hyped anyway. Back in the day I would be out as early as possible, return home at some point on New Years Day and all of this without wearing a coat. Geordie Style! These days Im quite happy with good food, good company and good conversation. How times change!

Since the start of 2016 there has been planning, list making and my Birthday celebrations. There's a lot going on behind the scenes at DMJ, new products, photos and planning to take over the world (only joking). I don't make any new years resolutions as such the past few years I have chosen a word for my theme of the year. That way there's no pressure to complete specific tasks by the end of the year and beat yourself up if you don't do them. Last year it was BUSINESS in 2015 I focussed on making my little business grow and thrive. This year in 2016 my word is PEOPLEI want to meet new people, collaborate, get involved in communities and generally get myself out there in both business and  my personal life. Im looking forward to throwing myself into blogging and the blogging community and I'm attending my first ever Blogtacular in June and I can't wait!

2016 BRING IT!

I hope y'all have had a super smashing great festive holiday and are well rested and raring to go for a shiny new 2016. 

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