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Being Veggie And Growing Your Own

I've been veggie since I was 8 years old, since I figured out where meat came from it never felt right for me to eat it. And even though I was young I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that was choose a life of vegetarianism. I'm not going to lye my Dad was not happy with my decision at the time after all I was only 8. He thought it was just a phase and would pass with time. Now over 20 years later its part of who I am, I don't think about it and although its not for everyone I believe its a healthier lifestyle. And my Dad he turned a complete 360 and is proud that I have stuck to my beliefs.

Its much more accepted and easier these days than 20 years ago. At school when I told them I was veggie they would hand me a plate full of fish.. Now in shops you can find shelves full of meat free alternatives and whole sections on restaurant menus dedicated to that of a vegetarian lifestyle.

I've always liked to know where my food comes from, what it's made of  and what impact it has on the environment. I try to source as much as I can locally and show my support by buying from small independent business but getting everything you need can be hard. As a result I decided to grow my own, well as much as I could in my small yarden.

I started a few years ago with herbs such as thyme and rosemary then I began to get more pots to fill with seeds and bulbs. My small yard is now full to the brim and this year I had a fantastic crop of salad leaves, tomatoes, peas, garlic, spring onions, chillies and much more. Its so rewarding and exciting to watch them grow and they taste delicious!

Do any of you guys grow your own? any advice or tips would be much appreciated!


1 Year Of Shop @ The Mushroom Works

The Mushroom Works situated in Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle Upon Tyne is a gallery and collective of working studios occupied by a diverse range of professional artists and crafts people. This time last year they opened their doors to the public to showcase the wares of the artists and makers housed within and that of their creative friends. Back in September 2014 Shop @ was born and a year on it's still going strong.

The original idea to open up a monthly shop came about as an additional event to have alongside the annual Ouseburn Open Studios and The Late Shows. This allowed Mushroom Works to reach customers on a more frequent basis, work as a collective of independent designer/makers and encourage people to shop local and see what goes on behind the scenes of a working studio.

Quirky handmade cookware and ceramics from Muddy fingers pottery

Held on the first Saturday of each month the shop hosts a selection of vibrant unique quality handmade gifts, furniture and accessories from artists and designers such as Muddy fingers pottery , Nick James, Joanne Wishart, and creative friends Cube Root Jewellery, Applique Originals and of course Dizzy Miss James.

Designer lamp bases by  Nick James each with colourful fun lampshades.
A stunning previously sold necklace by Cube Root Jewellery

 The ever popular Beer o'clock, Wine o'clock and Gin o'clock by  Nick James. Which time would you choose?
Bright bold and beautifully hand sewn accessorises by Applique Originals
Coastal loveliness by  Joanne Wishart available as prints, card and coasters.

With a range of products of all sizes, shapes and colours and prices between £1 - £100 there is something to suit every style and budget. If you've visited before be sure to check them out again as there will be shiny new fresh products available for you to take home.

Why not pop along have a look for yourself and show your support for independent artists and makers..

Happy 1st Anniversary Shop@!

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