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22 Aug 2015

The Modified Emporium Grand Opening

On Saturday 8th August I attended The Grand Opening of The Modified Emporium on Spennymoor High Street County Durham. It's the place to visit for amazing body jewellery, alternative fashion and great gifts. The idea for The Modified Emporium was born by founder Laura Russon's obsession with alternative fashion, body modification and a love for the unique and unusual.
The theme for the opening was 'The Mad Hatter's Tea Party' with compulsory tea and a splendid collection of cakes and buns I felt like I was Alice that had just fallen down the rabbit hole.
 I asked Laura some questions about her business and new shop;

Q1: How did you come up with the idea for The Modified Emporium?

The idea for the Modified Emporium has evolved naturally from a love of upcycling broken or unloved things into something totally different and funky combined with not being able to afford similar things from the big companies. I've been running a little online shop for a few years now and wanted to branch out and be able to provide unique and different items for affordable prices.
Q2: What does an average day look like for you?
For me an average day is kitty cuddles in bed with a coffee, then a walk down the shop to natter with my customers and play with my paints and bits of things to make new pieces.
Q3: Why should people come to The Modified Emporium?
My shop is totally unique, people coming here want something no-one else has or will ever have.
Q4:How does it feel to have your own shop?
Owning my own shop is scary, but so much fun! I love seeing it everyday and when customers show actual excitement over my products... There's no feeling like it. 

Above right is Laura adorning her top hat in spirit of the Mad Hatter's tea party. I really enjoyed my visit to the shop. If you do get a chance why not drop in and take in the wonder that is The Modified Emporium.

Good Luck with the shop Laura!


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