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21 Jan 2015

A Late Start To The New Year

I feel like I've had a late start to the new year, being struck down with illness twice since Christmas Eve. I usually love the feeling of new beginnings that the start of the new year brings, planning my year ahead both in business and social fun and frolics. However feeling a bit BLAH I'm behind in my planning, compulsory list making and my new year studio sort out only just happened this weekend. As a result I have declared this week my official start to 2015!

So here's a little round up on what happened over the festive period, presents, holidays, coughs and sniffles. 

After a very busy 2014 I decided that I wanted to run away for Christmas, avoid all the hype and head to Tenerife for the holidays. WHOOP! I finished, wrapped and shipped all my Christmas orders on the Thursday, then packed my suitcase and was on the flight on the Friday morning. 

Once on the island I was greeted by beautiful sunshine, glistening blue seas and a fabulous hotel the perfect setting to leave it all behind, let go and RELAX.

After a couple of days I felt as I had been there for a week I don't think my body was used to the time off. Most of my days were spent on the beach catching some rays, getting a massage then lunching in the shade with a cool beer. It was a much needed rest.

On Christmas Eve I woke up with the most horrendous cold. I had already booked a trip for that day over to La Gomera a beautiful island just off Tenerife. I wanted to visit the island last year so I wasn't going to let illness stop me. I'm glad I took the trip despite the fact I spent the entire day sneezing and coughing. It's completely different to the surrounding islands it has a subtropical forest and stunning architecture.

The capital of La Gomera is San Sebastian such a quaint picturesque place. I only began to scratch the surface of what this island has to offer, a day is not enough. On my next visit this way I hope to stay here for a few days and take in all the culture and beauty of La Gomera.

This was my first time away from home and my family at Christmas it was a very strange feeling and also my first experience of Christmas sunburn! Unfortunately my Christmas Day was spent  being ill in the hotel room vomiting and watching the days entertainment from the balcony. I ended up missing my 7 course veggie meal I booked at the start of the holiday! I didn't end up getting my Christmas dinner until 3rd January once I fully recovered! This however did not put a dampener on a totally awesome holiday and my sister gave me some presents to take along with me so I had something to open on the day.

I'm now planning exciting things ahead  in 2015 for Dizzy Miss James and looking forward to enjoying time with family and friends.

Happy belated 2015 peeps!



  1. Well you can totally add that to one of your new experiences. Sorry that you ended up ill I know how much that sucks. Happened to me in Paris.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

    1. Meghan despite the illness I had a great time but yeah it does suck being ill on holiday :(

  2. Oh dear I'm sorry you were poorly but pleased you still managed to have a good time - I always fancy Xmas abroad but our current jobs don't allow for time off

    1. I really enjoyed my first Christmas away I'd totally recommend it and would definitely do it again :)


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