18 Nov 2013

Bohemian Bedrooms

As the days grow darker and the temperature drops I've starting settling into hibernation mode, oversized jumpers, cosy quilts and a large mug of hot chocolate. I love nothing more at this time of year than snuggling by the fire wrapped in a blanket or tucked up in bed in my comfy pyjamas  watching a movie.

Here are few of my favourite bedrooms that are inspiring me at the moment, I could happily set up camp for the winter in any of these. I love the bohemian style full of intricate patterns, texture and layers, a mixture of vintage and modern combined together for an original look.


I'm a massive fan of geometric shapes and I'm crushing over these quilts from Urban Outfitters even the simplest of rooms can be enhanced and with the addition of a colourful vibrant throw.


Beautiful handmade crochet always gives a room such a homely feel.

What's your favourite wintertime comfort?



  1. oooh pretty! Blankets are my kryptonite. I have more than I could ever possibly need. I console myself (and my ever-patient boyfriend) with the fact that they are at least practical. Unlike all the plastic animals I keep sneaking home from car boot sales :p xxx

    1. Your a girl after my own heart! My kryptonite are vintage tea cups I have far too many but then again drink far too much tea.

      V x

  2. the second to last quilt is so divine i can't stand it.


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