18 Jul 2013

Down By The Riverside

After having a break at the end of June I have been a little quite of late. I had a lovely relaxing time away on the Isle of Skye, I'll share more details of this in another post in a few days. Time on Skye is different it almost feels like it slows down and after returning home and being emerged in a heatwave, I don't think I have fully adjusted back to my normal routine.

After having no connection to the online world while I was away, since returning home I have been trying to avoid technology and spending more time outdoors. I am lucky enough to live close to beautiful countryside so I have been out and about taking in the scenery.  My village is located by a river and always looks lovely at this time of year.

Yesterday the bf and I had a wonderful time sitting down by the riverside, watching the wildlife, dipping our toes in the river and relaxing in the sunshine.

I hope your enjoying your summer.



  1. Looks so peaceful and serene. I tried to do the whole no internet thing, but I will admit now I think I am adicted! haha

    1. I lasted a few weeks but I'm now back to full technology addiction. x

  2. The river looks so pretty! I also live in the countryside and find i really don't take advantage of all the beautiful surroundings on my doorstep! I really like the natural and arty vibe of your blog - given you a follow! :)


    1. Thank you so much Emily! Yeah I'm trying to appreciate my surroundings more especially in the lovely weather we've been having. x


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