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Watermelon Pac-Man

I think the heat may finally be getting to me. The other day as the bf cut out a slice and tucked into his watermelon I had this overwhelming urge to turn it into Pac-Man. I do have a little obsession with the lovable character. I own many a mug adorning images from the retro 80's arcade game so it is never far from my mind. 

I cut out a couple of eyes added a few Dizzy Miss James fruit brooches into the mix and there you have it Watermelon Pac-Man ready for game play! 

Just another day in the office!


Chillin on the Isle of Skye

At the end of June I had a wee break away. I haven't had a proper holiday in years, I've had a few days here and there but not that full on leave everything behind and relax holiday so I was very much looking forward to it.

Paul and I packed the car full of supplies and headed towards the west coast of Scotland bound for the Isle of Skye. We were off on an adventure!

We broke up the journey by having some much needed tea and shortbread stops to allow me to get bearings. And we stayed at a B&B on the way up to Skye and in a hotel in Perth on the way back home. This is the picturesque cottage we stayed in just outside Dalwhinnie.

We visited Eilean Donan Castle it looks so tranquil you wouldn't know there were 6 coaches of tourists to the right, the loch and it's surrounds were beautiful.

Above is Plockton in the North West of Scotland apparently it has it's own micro climate and is known for it's palm tress and lovely weather.. until we turned up and it poured down with torrential rain. However we still managed to have some chips by the seaside even if it was in the dry of the car.

In Skye we stayed in a quant rustic Bothy in a traditional village called Staffin. We had no phone, no internet and no TV. We filled our days exploring the Island with it's exaggerated landscape, waterfalls, dinosaur footprints and Fairy Glen, it almost felt like you were on Middle Earth. Our evenings were spent in front of the log fire relaxing and losing all sense of time. 

I got my adventure.


Down By The Riverside

After having a break at the end of June I have been a little quite of late. I had a lovely relaxing time away on the Isle of Skye, I'll share more details of this in another post in a few days. Time on Skye is different it almost feels like it slows down and after returning home and being emerged in a heatwave, I don't think I have fully adjusted back to my normal routine.

After having no connection to the online world while I was away, since returning home I have been trying to avoid technology and spending more time outdoors. I am lucky enough to live close to beautiful countryside so I have been out and about taking in the scenery.  My village is located by a river and always looks lovely at this time of year.

Yesterday the bf and I had a wonderful time sitting down by the riverside, watching the wildlife, dipping our toes in the river and relaxing in the sunshine.

I hope your enjoying your summer.

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