19 May 2013

Sushi Saturday

Last night my friend Joe came round for a relaxed Saturday night in, beers, movies and munchies. The bf and Joe then went on to make me an amazing veggie sushi platter from scratch. They were in the kitchen awhile but it gave me a chance to catch up on reading some blogs and watch a bit of cheesy Saturday night television. The wait was worth it the result was delicious!

Ginger, beetroot, cucumber, avocado & basil tofu sushi

vegetable & tofu tempura, soy & wasabi mayonnaise

The boys then went on to have some vegetable noodle soup but I was done it was so filling. Our evening was then topped off by relaxing on the sofa and watching one of my favorite films Dark City. 

It was a lovely evening, great food, great conversation and great company thanks guys!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. ...tried to make sushi once, it kinda just ended up as vegetables and rice in a bowl...but this looks soooooo good!!!


    1. Thank you Stephanie. I will be definitely be having it again it was so yummy. x


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