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Cocktails, Chilling and Chatting

 This week I've been exhausted, a bit of recovery time has been needed from the fun & shenanigans of the weekend. My friend Lisa came up to visit for the Bank Holiday, we only see each other about twice a year so we make the most of it when we're together. Lisa is a swim wear designer, fellow vintage lover and also shares my obsession with retro furniture and design. We did manage to squeeze in some vintage shopping I'll share some of my finds on a separate post next week. 

I was a little worried on Friday by the fact it was pouring down with rain but by Saturday morning we woke up to glorious sunshine which stayed with us the whole weekend. We spent Sunday outside sitting on a blanket chilling, drinking cocktails and chatting about future creative projects (watch this space). 

I consumed so much food over the 3 days and quite possible too many cocktails but lots of fun and giggles were had by all and I can't wait for our next meet up.


Moorbank Botanic Gardens

On Wednesday I was at
Moorbank Botanic Gardens, a hidden gem within the centre of Newcastle with the lovely Chloe from Owl Eyes. Chloe makes beautiful one of a kind jewellery and is a collector of vintage treasures. Below are some of her adorable stamp necklaces, visit her website for more stamp related accessories and vintage finds.

This was my first visit to Moorbank and if I'm honest I didn't even know it existed. Only open a few times a year I jumped at the opportunity to see the wonders of a secret garden in the heart of a busy city. I instantly fell in love.

Hosting a Tropical  House, Desert House and Outside Garden there's plenty to capture the imagination of any experienced or beginner garden lover. 

Scattered about are many items of curiosity.

If you would like to visit Moorbank check out their up and coming open days here.
Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend.


Lucky Lady

I've been a lucky lady today the bf got me these lovely flowers. If I'm honest I'm not usually in to the whole romantic thing but these orange germini are really colourful and quirky, you can't not love them.  

I've got them in my studio in a retro decanter, they look great against my blue walls and really bring a bit of sunshine to the room.

I hope you've had a great Wednesday. The bank holiday is almost upon us, bring on the rest relaxation/fun & shenanigans!




Sushi Saturday

Last night my friend Joe came round for a relaxed Saturday night in, beers, movies and munchies. The bf and Joe then went on to make me an amazing veggie sushi platter from scratch. They were in the kitchen awhile but it gave me a chance to catch up on reading some blogs and watch a bit of cheesy Saturday night television. The wait was worth it the result was delicious!

Ginger, beetroot, cucumber, avocado & basil tofu sushi

vegetable & tofu tempura, soy & wasabi mayonnaise

The boys then went on to have some vegetable noodle soup but I was done it was so filling. Our evening was then topped off by relaxing on the sofa and watching one of my favorite films Dark City. 

It was a lovely evening, great food, great conversation and great company thanks guys!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Rain Rain Go Away..

I woke up in the early hours of the morning with rain lashing down on my window. It's been poring down all day so I  thought I share some of my rainy day inspired finds.
I'm a massive fan of this lady & love this cute Little Miss Delicious  felt cloud accessory.

 This  meme & saysay  multi coloured raincloud will brighten up a gloomy day.

A beautiful rainbow cloud coin purse by Brooklyn Love Designs .  
And a simple shrink plastic cloud brooch by Kayleigh O'Mara.
If I'm honest I quite like rainy days when I'm indoors, wrapped up all warm with my hot cups of tea and comfort food. I find the sound of the rain up against the window quite therapeutic and often like to spend this time organising and tidying my work space. I am looking forward to more sunny days, ice-cream, the seaside and beer gardens but today I'm quite happy snuggling in my favourite jumper.


New To The Shop..

Watermelon and strawberry cushions, each cotton cushion has been hand embroidered with felt applique.

I'm really into a bold kitsch style at the moment.

You can check these out and more in my etsy shop.



My Bank Holiday Weekend in Photos

It's a Bank Holiday and it's sunny! It seems forever since we've had some amazing sunshine in the North of England over a Bank Holiday weekend. I took this rare chance to make the most of it before it disappears again.
Newcastle Quayside, The Tyne Bridge and ice-cream

And who could resist the beach..

Alnmouth Northumberland 

 I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Long may the sunshine continue.

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