21 Aug 2016

Dizzy Miss James - Website Revamp

It's time for a fresh start, a new beginning and a bit of a business revamp!

Sometimes you just have to move forward, take a leap and shake things up a bit. I'm at a point in my life where things are changing and I'm entering a new chapter. As part of this process I have started to give my website www.dizzymissjames.co.uk a bit of a very much needed update. I have changed text and the boring behind the scenes stuff but mainly I have had some shiny new product shots taken (I still have a few photos that need updating). The lovely Diana Stainton has done a rather fantastic job don't you think? I am really please with the outcome! 

I'm also looking forward to getting back into producing some new designs and releasing brand new products. Alongside this I will be developing the site bit by bit instead of all at once. That way I won't get all stressed trying to get everything finished and done all together. It will be a labour of love and it will grow and develop over the next few weeks. 

Watch this space!

Why not check my website out I'd love to know what you think of it so far?

18 Aug 2016

Scorching Summer Giveaway - Win £150 Amazon Voucher!

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet so why not enter this Scorching Summer Giveaway...  I have come together with a fabulous bunch of blogging lovelies to offer you the chance of winning some super smashing great prizes. The competition is open worldwide and ends midnight 18th September 2016. It's an amazing prize, one that you can not miss out on!

The Grand Prize will be a £150 Amazon Gift Card and the Runner Up Prize will be a £50 Amazon Gift Card. *If the winner is a Non-UK resident then we will send over the prize through PayPal, equivalent to GBP.

Simply Answer the question:

What is your ideal summer getaway & who would you go with?

Enter via the Rafflecopter below and complete all tasks to gain more entries. 

12 Jul 2016

An Open Letter to Blogtacular

My Dearest Blogtacular,

Over three weeks have passed since we were last together. Three weeks since our lives collided and we had the most amazing memorable weekend. A weekend full of colour, knowledge and friendship.  It has taken me this long to process everything that happened back then. It has taken me this long to calm my mind from its state of excitement and sort through the numerous ideas you have left behind. After all how could I not be so enthused and passionate when you provided me with such a spectacular programme. When you gave me inspirational speakers, workshops and pretty much advice on tap. Over those two days you showed me the beauty in the simple things, the strength of a community and the drive and creativity within me.

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

You brought people together to a place were I could network with other like minded creatives. A place where I could connect and share experiences. As I met these amazingly inspirational people I knew that this weekend was going to be a something I would always remember. 

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

Blogtacular you were kind enough to think about me and my dietary needs unlike many before. You provided me with vegetarian options for breakfast, snacks and lunch. Not just any veggie food the most delicious of all. For that I thank you!

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

As the weekend unraveled and with each talk I listened to, like that of Lisa Congdon, Kate O'Sullivan and Enid Hwang. I became filled with warmth, encouragement and the realisation that Im not in this alone. This business journey, this journey of self belief, growth and creativity is one that we all must travel. It is not easy but Blogtacular you showed me that others have the same fears and stresses. They share that feeling of doubt that niggling thought 'Im I doing the right thing'. They too are scared of failure. I learned that its okay to get it wrong. You learn form those experiences, you pick yourself up and continue on stronger, wiser and ready to kick butt!

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

However the weekend was not all about worries and concerns. Blogtacular you were a celebration of all that is accomplished and the successes you have as a creative blogger and business owner. Your Genius Bar hosted a collection of beautiful and successful professionals, offering out their advice and wisdom. Your workshops like Phoneography by Sara Tasker and the Writing Workshop by Laura Jane Williams provided me with the extra knowledge and skills to help me develop and grow.

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

And did I mention the wonderful people of Sudo, they came and welcomed me into their world. Allowing me to use their app over the course of the weekend and generously giving away prizes every hour. One of which I was lucky enough to receive!

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

Photo courtesy of Mollie Makes/Will Ireland Photography 

Blogtacular I Thank You

I thank you for introducing me to new and exciting people, for sharing your knowledge and for inspiring me to push myself and move forward with my creative business goals. Blogtacular I want you to know you are still in my heart and even though a year must pass until we meet again I will never forget you. 

(Photos courtesy of Mollie Makes / Will Ireland Photography )

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