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29 Jan 2019

Taking The Long-Term Approach To Cutting Home Costs

Taking The Long-Term Approach To Cutting Home Costs

Any household can benefit from cutting costs, but cost-cutting is often the most profound when taken with a long-term mindset. Long-term savings can sometimes be implemented in such a way that allows you to both save money while noticing little deficiency in your quality of life at that property. In fact, with some wise planning, it may even increase it. Cost-cutting is not good cost-cutting if it impedes with your general flow of life, is an absolute chore to implement, or means you have to go without the essentials.

It’s also not imperative to cut costs only if you’re struggling for money. Even properties that are more than affordable to run for you can benefit from this mindset, because sometimes, with the right investments, you may enjoy a much smaller impact on the environment, or can teach you to stay within your means in terms of your consuming life. While every household is different, and all properties have their needs, sometimes cutting home costs can allow you to live more intelligently, and you will be able to come to a custom solution for you and those you trust.

With the following advice, you’re sure to experience this:

Water Tanks

If you have any form of land whatsoever, management of said land requires long-form solutions, both for convenience and the pressing needs of modern legislation. If you run a smallholding, need to hydrate the land, or perhaps wish to water your crops effectively, poly water tanks can sometimes be the absolute best option in these circumstances. With a little care and purposeful placement, a solution like this, especially one that’s self-cleaning, could potentially save you plenty of money in the long-term.


Solar is essential to consider because now it’s becoming more and more cost-effective to invest in. If you have any form of roofing real estate, perhaps even more than one building on your property, you could potentially cut much of your energy bill here. While this may require a larger investment than you could originally expect, taking the long-term approach could mean you save enough money each year to warrant that. After a number of years, the installation will have paid for itself, and as most panels have a lifespan of at least twenty years depending on the weather in your location, you may benefit for some time to come. Inspecting the space you have free and calculating the installation vs. funding saved could potentially be a good exercise as the Spring starts to roll in, bringing with it the promise of more sun.


It’s quite a shame how in the modern day, consumer culture has led us to throw things out only to replace them time and time again. Less than fifty years ago, the common norm was to repair, reuse, and only replace when necessary. This was helped along by how most products were often built to last. We could see that in the cars that they had, the thick television stands made of wood, and the prime leather used in shoes. Taking this mindset and applying it to what you can potentially help you take advantage of the reparative mindset. A little shoe-working or sole repair here could completely eviscerate the need to purchase a pair once more, saving you a decent investment for the weekend. A little patch on a pair of jeans could give them a little more character, and cover up a hole created through the rough-and-tumble play of your children.

Reusing items is nothing new, but some households do not engage in it whatsoever. If this sounds like your household there’s no need to be ashamed of that, provided you at least understand the opportunities afforded to you if you were willing to try.


'Hand-me-downs' has become something of an unhappy term. For some reason, we think it denotes frugality to the max when it needn’t be there, or a lack of care in purchasing things for a younger child. Of course, if sending your child to school in beaten school trousers with only a few holes sewn, you might interpret it that way. But sometimes, a perfectly good school bag or lunch box is a perfectly good school bag or lunch box. It all depends on the quality and build of the item, how faded or damaged it might be, or how you might be able to restore it to look brand new.

The same could go for items in your house. Sure you might have inherited a rather beaten-up looking sofa from your grandparent, but five hours in an upholstery workshop might bring it back to life, on top of the sentimental value you might gain from its use. Hand-me-downs can sometimes be atrocious and a replacement must be considered before anything else, but sometimes, with a little care and the right observant mindset, you can save plenty of costs you would have otherwise spent on a wasted item.


If you aren’t a member of a wholesale retailer, it can be very inexpensive to do so. Investing in large freezer spaces, two if you have room for them, can help you purchase all of your canned and frozen goods for months and simply bring them to your home to enjoy. This not only saves you a massive amount of money in the long-term but can truly help your home remain filled with all the essentials, perfect for if an ice blast freezes the roads and prevents you from going shopping during a particular week. Wholesale clubs are forever selling promotions or giving out coupons for foods you might not have tried yet. Some people feel that wholesale clubs do little to actually provide good quality food, but this isn’t the case. Try looking for those that have been butcher-accredited.

Support Small Businesses

Developing great relationships with your grocer and butcher can help you save plenty of money, and gain a higher quality product. People often think this is too good to be true, and to those, we suggest heading around your local town and seeing just what local businesses might be the most beautiful for you to interface with. You never know just what treats you could uncover. Sure, the inconvenience of visiting multiple stores can feel like a hassle, as can grouping all your vegetables yourself or pointing to the meats you want for wrapping, but not only are those comfortable social exchanges that make the shopping trip much more enjoyable, but you’ll be supporting your local community well.

In the long-term, making relationships like this can benefit you to no small extent. You’ll often find your butcher offering you beautiful cuts that might have a few days left for very cheap, giving you a beautiful stew that evening for next to nothing. This is the kind of collaborative and friendly understanding that grows between people in a community, and not only is it thoroughly nourishing, but can help you save plenty of money.

Grow Your Own

It’s quite amazing to see just how growing your own vegetable garden can sustain you and your family with vegetables for a good few weeks or even months. It can be profoundly worthwhile to see just how many free eggs you may get from a few chickens in your backyard, provided they have ample space to wander. If you take on even more smallholding animals to provide them a nice life but ultimately to slaughter, it’s amazing to see just how much meat you will receive and be able to freeze. With the association of a good butcher, you could potentially be eating fantastic, wholesome, farm-to-table foods you have had the good nature to provide for yourself. Of course, none of these methods are completely free of cost, but they are absolutely wonderful in just how cost-effective they can be compared to purchasing your meat from the butcher or the dreaded supermarket. 

Of course, these developments can also prove to be a wonderful hobby in their own right, helping you assign yourself to small-holding or small farm living, one of the most natural, rustic, and profoundly nourishing things you could decide to do.

Cut The Subscriptions

Households are now falling victim to subscription overload, depending on how many services they use. As businesses seek to lessen the apparent investment of their services in order to gain more customer supporters, we might find ourselves signing up for too many free trials with a billing notice at the end, or perhaps we may find ourselves connected to way too much variety. There’s no way you can fully experience a full premium ebook subscription, a Netflix or Amazon subscription, a cable subscription, the top internet plan, a range of insurances for your devices just to name a few. Choosing what you’d most like out of the myriads can help the entertainment you enjoy become more focused and personal, but also saves you plenty of outgoing funding a month you can spend on the things that truly matter.

With these tips, taking the long-term approach to cutting home costs will surely be worthwhile.

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28 Jan 2019

Now This Is Seriously Cool For Your Home

You should always be looking for cool things to add to your home because cool can mean anything. It could be this super giant TV screen that does pretty much everything but the dishes for you, or it could be the new sofa suite that you were so excited for, and now it has finally been delivered. But, you have to think about it, how many times do you actually buy something for your home that isn’t a new cleaning product that you can’t wait to try. We don’t really buy anything cool for our home, because the first thing we tend to think about is the money that’s going to come with it. But you don’t always have to spend thousands to make your home cool, or to feel like you’ve bought something worthwhile for it. That’s why we’ve created this article for you. Here are some seriously cool ideas for your home that we want you to try, and promise that they won’t break your bank just yet! 

Conversions To Benefit You

Ok, so I did say that these weren’t going to break the bank, and technically they won’t if you play your cards right. By that, I mean that you shouldn’t rush into anything, save in a nice amount of time, and keep this idea stored in your brain. Although you will be paying out at the time, we truly do believe you will get your money back to you when you sell the home as it will increase value. Our suggestion is to get a residential garage car lift, and I think this is something seriously cool for your home. It allows you to store two cars in the garage, with them being stacked above each other. I think it looks modern, it’s efficient, and it will definitely come in handy. Plus, the next people to buy your home are most likely going to have two cars so you can see why it will add value to your home.

Now This Is Seriously Cool For Your Home

Cool Little Gadgets

Cool little gadgets are sometimes the best ones to have because they’re the ones you can mess with the most. And to note, there are so many cool pieces of technology coming out at the minute, there’s literally nothing you can do without it, which is something we love so much about it. Our gadget of the year at the minute has to be the Amazon Echo products. Everyone has them, and they can just do so much in your home to help you out, as well as being a funky little speaker. Imagine them as having a little robot person in your home that you can talk to and ask things, and then play you any song you ask it to. It’s just super cool in our eyes.

Think Of The Outdoors

Finally, I really don’t think you should ignore the outside of your home, because it’s the playground for your children. This one might only apply to them, but we think you should get one of the jungle gyms for them to run around and climb on. It keeps them fit, keeps them outdoors, and gives them endless hours of fun!

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19 Jan 2019

The Most Annoying Things About Moving

Whenever you’re making a big move, there are always a few things that really really take the goat. They are just like all the other things, however, in that they are unavoidable. You have to do them, even though you know you don’t want to. That’s why it's common to leave these things to the end and sometimes that can be at a detriment to the whole move. Like the scene from Home Alone, you’ll be waking up in the morning and rushing around knowing that you have left the most annoying things to the last minute. But you don’t need to put them off, you just have to find different ways of doing them. Moving the heavy things is one the most common that gets left to the last minute. You give yourself the excuse that because these items are heavy they should be the last to get loaded anyway because they might crush something. Here are some easy ways to get the things you most hate about moving, done in an easier way.

The dreaded furniture moving

Throwing yourself on the sofa after a long day and bouncing up off the cushions, can lead you to believe that all you’re sitting on is a bit of cloth and some air. It's only when you are going to move do you realize just how heavy sofas, chairs and other furniture like ottomans can be. So how can you move these items in preparation for loading when your truck arrives on the morning of the move? Firstly, you should remember that going through the front door isn’t always the best choice. Better yet, you should take off all the cushions and take the sofa out through the patio and the rear gate. This means that the truck will have to be parked closer to the rear of the home so it can be loaded straight on. To make things easier, you might want to rent a pallet jack that can lift many hundreds of kilos. It makes large leather sofa light as air when picked up.

The forgotten cleaning phase

Many times when you finally load up all your things and then come back to leave the key on the kitchen counter, you realize that the home is a bit dirty. After all the tables and chairs have been removed, you realize that the home might need a quick clean. But when this thought hits you it's usually too late and you are urgently required to move on and travel to your new home. Some companies like Insta Move will not only load up your items for you but also, spring clean your home afterward. This leaves the home spick and span, so there’s no chance of the new owners making formal complaints that you left the home in a bad state. 

Almost everyone forgets the cleaning phase and by then they need to hurry up and empty the home. There are a select few companies that will actually clean the home up for you after they load up all your items. Using a pallet truck helps you to lift all the heavy items in your home with easy so if are hiring a truck this is something essential.

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11 Jan 2019

How to Make Your Home Social Friendly

We don’t just buy a property so that we have a place to lay our head each night, and a place to raise our family. We buy them so we’re able to invite friends and family members around and pass many happy hours together. However, while this is all well and good in theory, it’s not always so fluid in practice. That’s because we generally don’t design our home with an eye on how it’ll accommodate guests. But good news: it’s never too late to transform your home into a more socially friendly space. Whether it’s parties, family dinners, or just casual drop-ins, the tips outlined below will make sure your home is ready to step up and make it a fun time for all.


Arranged Furniture

You can be forgiven for arranging your furniture in line with wherever the television is located, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not going to do all that much good when it comes to flowing conversation. Even if you want to chat, the eye will naturally be drawn to the television. As such, it’s better to make your furniture more in line with one another. If this isn’t possible, then consider putting a chair next to the television, so someone can sit there and take the attention that the television may otherwise receive. 

Open Plan

Kitchens are not what they used to be. In this day and again, they’re so much more! They’re the social hubs of the home. If possible, it's recommended to opt for the ever-popular open plan kitchen, which feeds out into the dining area. Buy a large dining table from a company that specialises in oak furniture, and you’ll be able to entertain your guests whether it be morning, lunchtime, or evening. More and more people are choosing to be social in the dining areas, opting to play games rather than watch television.

Outdoor Spaces

Your open plan kitchen will be the king of the home during the chilly months, but when it comes to spring and summer, you’ll want to do all your socialising in the outdoors. The sun doesn’t shine all that much in the UK, but when it does, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of being with loved ones in a warm climate. So take a look at prepping your garden now, by adding high-quality outdoor furniture. You’ll be living the dream come summertime!

Guest Rooms

There’s nothing worse than passing an enjoyable evening, and then having to cut it short because someone needs to begin the journey home. You can get around this scenario by creating an enviable guest room, one that you’re happy to offer to your guests, and which your guests are happy to stay in. 

Warm Welcome

Finally, don’t forget that the best thing you can do when it comes to having a social friendly home is to have the right attitude and supplies! When a friend drops by, be ready to invite them and offer them a range of drinks and snacks. 

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4 Jan 2019

4 Rules To Prepare Your Wardrobe For The Summer

Right now it seems like summer is ages away and your outfits are still made up of heavy coats and plenty of layers, but the warm weather will come back sooner than you think so it’s never too early to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Summer fashion can be tricky because you’re more likely to be out and about doing all sorts of different activities and you’ve got to account for the heat. It can be hard to balance style with comfort when the weather is hot and a lot of people get it wrong. But it needn’t be that hard because, with these simple tricks, summer fashion is a breeze. 


 Recycle Old Clothes 

When the summer comes, most people shove all of their winter clothes in the back of the wardrobe and go out to buy a whole load of new stuff. But that’s going to cost you a lot of money and often, it’s not that necessary. You’re going to have to buy some things for the summer but a lot of those winter clothes can be recycled for the warm weather. For example, long skirts that are too heavy and hot for the summer months can be cut down and turned into something a lot lighter. Any of your trousers can be cut into shorts and you can cut and hem old t-shirts to make cheap crop tops. Recycling your old clothes makes fashion far more affordable because you’re not replacing your entire wardrobe every time a season changes and you’ll get more use out of things that you would otherwise have thrown away. 

Be Careful With Fabrics 

This is one of the most important rules because the wrong fabric choice could leave you boiling hot and uncomfortable all day long. You need to avoid anything heavy like wool and go for something more light and airy like linen (check out these great linen summer dresses from Petal and Pup Women's Fashion for a few ideas). Cheap clothes are something you need to watch out for as well because they’re usually made from a polyester blend that isn’t breathable at all. You’re far better off paying a bit more for proper cotton. 

Buy Bigger Shoes 

When the weather is hot, most people’s feet tend to swell up a little bit, so you need to be careful with shoe sizes. If you get the same size that you would normally wear in the winter, you might end up with tight, uncomfortable shoes on. It’s best to be safe and get half a size or even a full size bigger than you normally would when you’re buying shoes for the summer. 

Go Easy On Makeup 

The heat plays havoc with your makeup so you need to make sure that you don’t apply too much. If you do, you’ll spend all day touching it up when the heat melts it and it’ll make you hot and uncomfortable. A light, natural makeup is enough for the summer months. 

Follow these 4 simple rules and you should be able to get summer fashion right every time. 

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