13 Jun 2016

Ninja Burger Launch - Bar 28 Newcastle

Ninja Burger launched for the first time in Newcastle on 2nd June at the award-winning late night Bar No28. I went along to the press and blogger event to sample some sliders and check them out.

Ninja Burger's passion is to create the most delicious burgers the city has seen. They apply their own secret seasoning before cooking 'sous vide' translated as 'under pressure'. Each burger comes with a butter enriched brioche bun from the local Geordie Bakers based in Kingston Park, baked overnight and delivered fresh to the kitchen in the morning. You all have the option to add Dirty Fries loaded with meatball chilli and mozzarella (£5) or Dutch War Chips  with satay sauce, fritesaus and dried onion (£4).

If there is any room left for desert  (£4) you can enjoy either a Raspberry Sorbet with berries and blackcurrant cocktail shooter. Or Sticky Toffee Pudding with a mini salted caramel flip and vanilla rice pudding in a filo cup with passion fruit coolis and a coconut rum Russian shooter. There is also a local ice cream sundae with a shot to amaretto or cafe patron poured over.

The vegetarian options are a Panko crumbed halloumi burger with puy lentils or a homemade falafel burger. I had the pleasure of trying the delicious falafel burger as pictured below.

After the menu samples we were treated to burger eating competitions the first being THE ULTIMATE BURGER CHALLENGEThree contestants on the night were up against each other to see how many sliders they could eat whilst being timed. The second competition was THE RUSSIAN ROULETTE CHALLENGEThis Russian Roulette style challenge had various strengths of spicyness - contestants had to keep a cool face as they bit into hot as hell goujons. The winner of each challenge won a £50 drinks voucher and well deserved it was.

And if all that wasn't enough the hilariously funny comedian Matt Reed was on hand to commentate  on the nights shenanigans. 

A fun night was had by all!

31 May 2016

National Vegetarian Week - Ko Sai Fenwicks

It was National Vegetarian Week a few weeks back so to celebrate I headed over to Ko Sai Restaurant in Fenwick Newcastle, where I met up with the lovely guys from NE Veggie Socials. Ko Sai is situated in the recently revamped food hall in Fenwick, serving a delight of Asian Cuisine inspired by cooked-on-the-spot food made by local street hawkers. Ko Sai had designed a veggie/vegan menu especially for National Vegetarian Week and I couldn't wait to try it out.

With such a selection of dishes on offer I found it hard to choose. In the end for my starter I opted for the Spicy Tofu, Spring Onion and Black Sesame Steamed Bun accompanied by a glass of pineapple, kiwi and apple fresh juice. The only problem was there wasn't enough, I was left wanting more!

I'm really into my tofu at the moment so for my main shizzle I had the Stir-fried Tofu, Black Bean, Stem Broccoli and Jasmine Rice. This had a fantastic kick to it, a lovely level of spice and combination of flavours. I could eat this dish again and again!

Although I joined NE Veggie Socials last year this was my first meet up with them due to a crazy schedule and house move. I had such a fun evening, great company, conversation and fantastic food. I can't wait to attend another Meetup with them!

26 May 2016

7 Reasons Why I Love Tea - With Ringtons

I love tea, I mean like really LOVE tea! It has always been a stable in the James' household while I was growing up and still is today. As a result I am a massive tea pot! Then Ringtons contacted me and asked if they could send me a box of goodies, I was beyond thrilled! I was lucky enough to be gifted with an assortment of delicious *teas, coffee, biscuits and toffees. This prompted me to write my 7 reasons why I love tea...

1. That first cup of tea in the morning - there's nothing quite like it right? With one sip you are transported to a tea-tactic heaven and are ready to start the day.

2. It comes in a variety of flavours - from earl grey, breakfast tea to mint and blackcurrant,  there's a flavour to suite every occasion!

3. You can dunk your biscuits in it - it's not for everyone but there are those of us that enjoy dunking our biscuits into our hot beverages. Allowing us to melt the biscuits and the chocolate, realising more flavour mmm! 

4. It's a pick me up - tea breaks are essential especially during the working week. It gives you something to work towards and leaves you with that 'ready to go' feeling.

5. You can enjoy a good cuppa with family and friends - How often have you uttered the words 'I'll put the kettle on'. In that moment you know you are going to sit down and put the world to rights. 

6. A cup of tea solves everything - whatever the problem, whatever your worries a cup of tea eases the stresses even if just for a moment. 

7. That warm cosy feeling - When it's raining outside and you are sat indoors with a cup of tea, wrapped up in a blanket. It gives you that feeling of home, that feeling of comfort, a cup of tea is a familiar friend, a hug in a cup.

Why do you love tea?

Or are you a coffee drinker?

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