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11 Jan 2019

How to Make Your Home Social Friendly

We don’t just buy a property so that we have a place to lay our head each night, and a place to raise our family. We buy them so we’re able to invite friends and family members around and pass many happy hours together. However, while this is all well and good in theory, it’s not always so fluid in practice. That’s because we generally don’t design our home with an eye on how it’ll accommodate guests. But good news: it’s never too late to transform your home into a more socially friendly space. Whether it’s parties, family dinners, or just casual drop-ins, the tips outlined below will make sure your home is ready to step up and make it a fun time for all.


Arranged Furniture

You can be forgiven for arranging your furniture in line with wherever the television is located, but it’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not going to do all that much good when it comes to flowing conversation. Even if you want to chat, the eye will naturally be drawn to the television. As such, it’s better to make your furniture more in line with one another. If this isn’t possible, then consider putting a chair next to the television, so someone can sit there and take the attention that the television may otherwise receive. 

Open Plan

Kitchens are not what they used to be. In this day and again, they’re so much more! They’re the social hubs of the home. If possible, it's recommended to opt for the ever-popular open plan kitchen, which feeds out into the dining area. Buy a large dining table from a company that specialises in oak furniture, and you’ll be able to entertain your guests whether it be morning, lunchtime, or evening. More and more people are choosing to be social in the dining areas, opting to play games rather than watch television.

Outdoor Spaces

Your open plan kitchen will be the king of the home during the chilly months, but when it comes to spring and summer, you’ll want to do all your socialising in the outdoors. The sun doesn’t shine all that much in the UK, but when it does, you’ll want to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of being with loved ones in a warm climate. So take a look at prepping your garden now, by adding high-quality outdoor furniture. You’ll be living the dream come summertime!

Guest Rooms

There’s nothing worse than passing an enjoyable evening, and then having to cut it short because someone needs to begin the journey home. You can get around this scenario by creating an enviable guest room, one that you’re happy to offer to your guests, and which your guests are happy to stay in. 

Warm Welcome

Finally, don’t forget that the best thing you can do when it comes to having a social friendly home is to have the right attitude and supplies! When a friend drops by, be ready to invite them and offer them a range of drinks and snacks. 


4 Jan 2019

4 Rules To Prepare Your Wardrobe For The Summer

Right now it seems like summer is ages away and your outfits are still made up of heavy coats and plenty of layers, but the warm weather will come back sooner than you think so it’s never too early to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Summer fashion can be tricky because you’re more likely to be out and about doing all sorts of different activities and you’ve got to account for the heat. It can be hard to balance style with comfort when the weather is hot and a lot of people get it wrong. But it needn’t be that hard because, with these simple tricks, summer fashion is a breeze. 


 Recycle Old Clothes 

When the summer comes, most people shove all of their winter clothes in the back of the wardrobe and go out to buy a whole load of new stuff. But that’s going to cost you a lot of money and often, it’s not that necessary. You’re going to have to buy some things for the summer but a lot of those winter clothes can be recycled for the warm weather. For example, long skirts that are too heavy and hot for the summer months can be cut down and turned into something a lot lighter. Any of your trousers can be cut into shorts and you can cut and hem old t-shirts to make cheap crop tops. Recycling your old clothes makes fashion far more affordable because you’re not replacing your entire wardrobe every time a season changes and you’ll get more use out of things that you would otherwise have thrown away. 

Be Careful With Fabrics 

This is one of the most important rules because the wrong fabric choice could leave you boiling hot and uncomfortable all day long. You need to avoid anything heavy like wool and go for something more light and airy like linen (check out these great linen summer dresses from Petal and Pup Women's Fashion for a few ideas). Cheap clothes are something you need to watch out for as well because they’re usually made from a polyester blend that isn’t breathable at all. You’re far better off paying a bit more for proper cotton. 

Buy Bigger Shoes 

When the weather is hot, most people’s feet tend to swell up a little bit, so you need to be careful with shoe sizes. If you get the same size that you would normally wear in the winter, you might end up with tight, uncomfortable shoes on. It’s best to be safe and get half a size or even a full size bigger than you normally would when you’re buying shoes for the summer. 

Go Easy On Makeup 

The heat plays havoc with your makeup so you need to make sure that you don’t apply too much. If you do, you’ll spend all day touching it up when the heat melts it and it’ll make you hot and uncomfortable. A light, natural makeup is enough for the summer months. 

Follow these 4 simple rules and you should be able to get summer fashion right every time. 


3 Jan 2019

3 Best Apps To Sync All Of Your Devices

From Apple iPods to Android Smartphones to Windows PCs; there are a phenomenal number of different devices available today. Because of this, syncing has become much more significant. After all, what happens when you want to transfer music from your Windows computer to your Apple iPod? Without synchronisation, these devices wouldn’t be able to work in harmony with one and other. Therefore, read on to discover the top three apps you need to download when it comes to syncing your digital device.


iTunes: The best place to store and play your music and videos

There is only one place to start and this is with the popular Apple iTunes. iTunes provides you with the perfect place to store all of your digital music and videos. And whilst it may be an Apple program it can still be used on Windows and other platforms too. Better yet, it can be used on all of these platforms with absolutely no cost to you.

Aside from providing you with a great program for listening to your music, iTunes is also fantastic for storing effectively. You can organise your songs based on a wealth of different factors, such as; song name, track length, how many times you have listened to the track, artist, album, genre, and your rating. You will need a good mobile plan with substantial data to make the most of iTunes, especially on the go, so it is definitely worth checking out https://budgetboost.co/att-wireless-phone-plan-review/. Furthermore, this media player allows you to sync your music to an array of different devices – from your iPhone to your Apple TV. And let’s not ignore the Apple iTunes store either whereby you can purchase an array of songs, videos, games, and apps.

Dropbox: Storage made easy across all platforms

Dropbox can be used across all popular operating systems and mobile phone platforms. Thus, this fantastic web service is something everyone is likely to be able to benefit from.

Dropbox defines the meaning of organisation. You will be able to store all of the files, photos, information, data, media files and alike that you could possibly need. This encompasses files located on your computer as well as your mobile phone – thus ensuring that everything is synced together effectively. Thus if you are going away on a short vacation, then on the train you can spend time working on a work project on your smartphone, and then a mere few hours later when you arrive at your destination you can share photos with your friends via a PC.

Google Drive: Safely store all of your files

And last but by no means least, we have Google Drive. Head to https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-use-google-drive-860193/ for a full guide on this. This popular app allows you to create files, store them, and share them effectively too. You will be able to access your files from anywhere in the world and via any device; from your home Windows computer to your Apple iPad.

The great thing about this app, in particular, is that Google offers you a significant amount of storage space to get you going; 5GB. If you require any more storage then you can easily attain this for a small fee. Nevertheless, 5GB is substantial enough for the majority of people.


21 Dec 2018

Unique Ways You Can Introduce Animals Into The Home

You might have heard of the benefits of bringing an animal into your home. It is a particularly smart choice if you have children as you can use it to teach them about responsibilities, and make sure that they gain some experience looking after and loving a living creature. There are lots of exciting possibilities here to think about. So, if your heart isn't set on picking up a brand new puppy from a local breeder, consider these choices instead.



You might want to consider adopting a pet, rather than purchasing a brand new puppy or kitten from a breeder. One of the big benefits here is that you can help an animal that may have been treated poorly, had a negative experience with a family, or was even sent back weeks after the festive season ended. There are countless animals in shelters right now just waiting for a loving owner like you to take them home, show them love, and give them a great life. 

A lot of owners will lean towards a brand new pup, rather than an older dog. But, if you do this, you will be missing out on the chance to know a pet with a wonderful character and a loving heart, in desperate need of affection.


If you hate the idea of pets making a mess, then you might want to consider purchasing fish instead. While fish do still need their tanks regularly cleaned, and a certain level of maintenance, they won't rip up your furniture, leave dead rodents on the floor, or dig holes in the garden. Fish are, in many aspects, the lowest maintenance pet that you can introduce into your home, and kids will still adore them.

Fish can even be useful, and if you are also a plant lover, you can utilize fish in providing a perfect environment to grow your favorite greens. This process is called aquaponics, and it is a fascinating option that you may wish to explore.

Make Your Garden A Home

Or, how about making sure that you see some wild animals in the garden of your homestead. Everything from hedgehogs, to rabbits, and a variety of birds can be brought into your garden if you take the right steps. For instance, you can set up a bird feeder which will be particularly attractive for birds in the winter season. Alternatively, if you let your grass grow a little longer, and ensure that there are a few logs in your backyard, you will no doubt find a variety of animals make their home here.

If you want to see hedgehogs or similar creatures in your garden, try leaving out a plate of milk and watching carefully through a window in the late evening. You will no doubt spot one or two wandering across your yard to investigate the treat.

We hope that you have found this article useful, and will consider using these unique ways to introduce animals into the home. If you are looking for something that is a little different from the norm, then these ideas are going to be great for you.

Do you have any tips for introducing animals into the house? Let me know into the comments below.


20 Dec 2018

Looking After The Exterior Of Your Home


When it comes the home, the exterior is just as important as the interior. You want your home to look presentable for guests and perhaps even potential buyers in the future, so here are a few ways to look after the exterior of your property.

Get The Windows Cleaned Regularly


Windows are very noticeable when they get dirty, so it’s useful to have a window cleaner on call to come and clean your windows when needed. You can also clean the interior side of the windows too as they can often get a build up of grime and moisture over time.

There’s plenty of services out there that offer all types of exterior cleaning. Anything from cladding cleaning, to patio and driveways.

Replace Or Paint Your Front Door


The front door is the face of your home and therefore if it looks a little worn or lacking colour, why not give it a fresh lick of paint? Either that or you can replace the door completely if it’s looking a little tired and worn out.

If you want to paint it though, go for a bold colour, rather than any neutrals. A bold colour can make your home stand out from the rest. Try to use a type of paint that is durable for outdoors, so that it will last as long as possible.

Fix The Cracks

Over time, the exterior can develop cracks and holes from the changing of seasons and certain weather conditions. Therefore, it' important to check that there are no entry points for the cold to get in or for vermin to find their way in. The last thing you want is an infestation!

Cracks and holes are pretty easy to fill in yourself, but if you don’t have the time or perhaps know-how to do it, you can also hire a handyman or builder to sort it out for you.

Don’t Forget The Garden


Your garden is an important part of the presentation to the exteriors of your home. Often a lot of people will forget about the garden, which means weeds grow, and the outdoor space can end up looking unkempt. If you don’t fancy yourself a gardener, opt for fuss-free plants and flowers that don’t need a lot of attention. Trim the grass often and install a water feature or pond to really show off to the neighbours.

Check The Roof And Chimney


The roof is what’s keeping a lid on your home, defending you from harsh weather conditions. So it’s important to check the roof regularly for any signs of damage, particularly if you’ve had a bout of bad weather. The chimney (if you have a functioning one), should be cleaned out annually too. A lot of debris and even wildlife can stumble their way into the chimney, so it’s important you get someone around to clean it out.

Keep an eye on your property, especially throughout the seasons no matter whether your home is brand new or it’s been around for years.
Do you have any tips for looking after the exterior of your home? Let me know in the comments below.

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